Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're Off and Running!

Well, hello 23 Things for BCC Library Services. We're officially off and running and how exciting is this?

Now are you all scared by my blog title? Most folks can't handle Kath x 1, let alone 23 times.

As a first post, I'm not sure what I really want to say and do. I think I want to welcome you all to the programme, shower you with praise for taking the first big step off into the land of Web2.0 and encourage you all to just have a go. Don't be shy, don't worry that you're going to do the wrong thing... just try. Each of us will approach this differently and we'll all learn something from each other. Yes, even from YOU.

Now, if anyone wants to find me on things like Facebook and or MySpace, here are the links to my profiles. Please feel free to "friend" me, it will be my pleasure to have you as my friend.

Facebook -
MySpace -

I am sure that as well as learning HEAPS in a simple and effective way, we'll also have lots of fun and get to know each other a lot better. And we'll find ways we can do our jobs in a much more efficient manner, both engaging with our customers and communicating amongst ourselves.

I've set up comments on this blog so please leave a comment if you're reading, so I get some feedback. Be nice to me though!

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IreneQHawtin said...

Can't believe I got this far...