Friday, September 19, 2008

My Favourite Artist

I was just reading in this article in the Courier Mail that the Queensland Art Gallery has purchased one of sculptor Ron Mueck's works for permanent exhibit. In fact, they've purchased the one pictured above. If you click on the link to the article in the Courier Mail, you'll see another picture that shows the sheer scale of this sculpture.

Without a doubt, Ron Mueck is my favourite artist. I have only seen one of his works "in the flesh" so to speak, which was the Pregnant Woman sculpture that is owned by the National Gallery, and toured here in Queensland last year. It's absolutely stunning, and so lifelike that constantly you are waiting for her to take a breath, or stretch, or for the baby to move beneath her skin. I kept wanting to reach out and touch her, because I was sure if I did, her skin would be soft and warm, not a cold sculpture. Amazing considering these sculptures are made of fibreglass and silicone.

I'm really looking forward to being able to go and see another of Ron's works in reality, rather than pictures online and in magazines. I believe it will be installed at QAG from November.

If anyone is a fan of the Jim Henson (the Muppet Man) movie Labyrinth, starring David Bowie, you will see a lot of Ron's early work in the characters in the film. In fact, quite often, Ron is inside the character "Ludo".

If you want to see more of Ron's work, have a look at the Flickr stream:

So who is your favourite artist? Perhaps you could share a blog on the topic yourself. Please leave a comment directing me to your blog if you do!

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