Monday, September 8, 2008

Are there Only 23?

Right now I'm wondering if there really are only 23 Things, because for me, it feels like a lot more. Not that I mean that as a complaint, not at all. I just am finding that it is taking up HUGE swathes of my time at the moment, which is fantastic because it means that people are jumping on in to the 23 Things programme, and really having a go.

But I am finding that it makes my "normal" work pile up a bit behind it. I guess it is all about prioritisation, but with 400 people we hope to do this training, it's HUGE. And there are so many technical questions that folks have.

It gives me an awesome perspective though. Other folks find things I may never have noticed, and they bring them to my attention. Lots of "Can I do this...?" and "Is it possible to...?" or "How do I...?" And I'm learning that there is no shame in the reply "I don't know." But I will do my best to find out if I don't already know.

I logged on to the training module a few times over the weekend just to see if anyone was having a go, and was pleased to see that every time I logged on, there was at least one person online there as well. That's amazing!

I am getting out to the libraries to talk to people. In some cases (only a couple) it's my first visit to that library ever, even after almost 10 years working for BCCLS. It's really good to get out there and meet the folks I haven't yet met, see those I have, talk about what we do in here at Systems and Processes and why we do it, and find out what the REAL issues for our troops are.

This week I'm off to CDA, ASH and down to BSQ (for two rather mammoth sessions!) I'm sure I'll enjoy these ones as much as I have the libraries I've already done.

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