Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some of My Favourite Blogs

Since blogging is our first topic, I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs, ones that I read regularly and enjoy. You'll get something of a glimpse of the type of person that I am, simply by my choice in recreational blog reading!

For some reason though, blogger is a little overloaded today (could it be all we 23 Thingers from Brisbane slowing it down?) so I have to try and put the formatting in for the links myself. If it doesn't work I'll come back and fix it later. Until then, you can just highlight the link, right click and choose "copy" and then paste it into the address bar of your browser. - Cute Overload. Hundreds of pictures of cute puppies, kittens, ducks, hamsters... all manner of adorable fuzzy and fluffy and feathery creatures. - Ugly Overload. If you can't handle the cuteness, go for the anti-cute and check out the worlds ugliest animals. - Cake Wrecks. Absolutely hideous cakes made by so-called professional bakers and cake decorators. Lordy me, the things people will do to cake! - The 100 Year Old Photo blog. Ok, not all of the photos are 100 years old, but they're fascinating no matter their age and they are mega high resolution so the detail is amazing. One of the best American Civil War collections around too, if you're interested in those things. - Judge a Book By It's Cover. It's written by a librarian I believe, and she loves to take the mick out of those truly hideous cover designs that are out there. - PostSecret. This started as an art project, people asked to send in a postcard with a secret on it to a man called Frank Warren in the US. It is now a huge worldwide phenomenon, and the postcards sent in (changed weekly - a good one to RSS feed to) will have you laughing, gasping and chills running up your spine. We have some of Franks books in our library collection. - Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures. Lost your camera or memory card? Found a camera or memory card? This is the blog that re-unites photographs and cameras with their owners. It was all started by a postcard to PostSecret by the way. - Photoshop Disasters. See what not to do when using Photoshop to edit your digital snaps!!

I am sure there are lots more I really like but these are my favourites. I'll add more as I think of them.