Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh Just Me Rabbitting On...

Well firstly, thank you to whoever sent me the choccies. I am touched at the gesture, and you've made not only me happy, but Roberto too, who always benefits from any spoils I get!

So... what are you all reading at the moment? I'm almost finished The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I saw Jasper at the Brisbane Writer's Festival a couple of years ago, went with a friend not having read anything of his. He was delightful so I went out and bought The Eyre Affair... and I'm only getting to read it now. It's very good, I love how it doesn't dumb down literature at all. He is assuming you've read all of those great works and will get all the in-jokes and references.

Not that I'm getting a lot of time to read at the moment. Lunch is usually wolfed down between answering a zillion emails and phone calls, running errands and appointments. I get home and I collapse in a bit of a heap to be honest. I need to make time to read though. It's good for me!

I did the Brisbane City Romp on Sunday. Aye caramba, it was far more intense than I expected. I need to map out just how many kilometres we walked. Pretty much a solid brisk pace for four and a half hours straight. All over the city and South Bank. It was great fun, we got to about 23 or 24 of the checkpoints, and only got I think 6 or 7 questions wrong. Not bad considering there were a lot of people taking it far more seriously than we were who didn't do as well. I think next year I'd like to be one of the volunteers though, that looked like much more fun!

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Martine said...

I've just recently discovered Jasper as well. I love him too.