Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yes, I am One of THOSE Women...

... who wants to see the Twilight movie.

Yes, you can sneer at me for wanting to see that "teeny-bopper romance vampire thing" but have any of you read the books? Or does that get the sneer treatment too?

I have to say, I used to avoid certain genres or scenarios when reading and watching movies, but I never really bothered if other people were watching them. But after a few times where people who's taste often mirrors my own have challenged me to read or see things I normally wouldn't try, and then I've loved it, I've really learnt to never make any assumptions until I've read or seen it myself. If someone recommends it and I know they tend to like the same things as I do, then it's worth giving a try.

That's what happened with Twilight. My friend Melissa in the US, who has recommended a lot of fantastic stuff to me before, practically begged me to read Twilight. She was sure I would love it as much as she does. And she was right!

When I heard that Robert Pattinson was going to play Edward Cullen, I knew I just had to see the movie. He's so physically beautiful, which is the whole point of Edward. And ladies, if you haven't read the books, I can tell you, they are sexy as. Whoowee.

If you'd like a bit of an idea into the books/movie, here's the movie trailer:

It feels to me that they've captured the whole atmosphere of the movie really well.

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