Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I Love Jamie Hyneman

I know, it's been awhile since I've posted anything Mythbusters on this blog. Or in Spanish... Cazadores de Mitos.

Recently YouTube held a live event in San Francisco which they streamed out over the internet. They had lots of famous guests and infamous ones too - some the creators of those viral videos that become a big hit were there too.

Because it was held in San Francisco, home of the Mythbusters, and one of the most played videos on YouTube was Leonardo the robotic paintball artist by the Mythbusters, Jamie and Adam were invited to participate.

What they came up with, is this:

How awesome is that? ONLY Jamie Hyneman would have the cajones to stand in front of a high pressure machine that fires over 1100 paint balls across 15 feet of space at him, while wearing a suit of armour. I love the man, he is just a total legend.

And while we're talking the mighty awesomeness of Mythbusters, I have a new favourite explosion. It's the "Water heater of death":

It's the ultimate stress relief. One can totally shed all the tensions of the day by watching Jamie and Adam blow stuff up.

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