Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Days are Ticking By...

So we're winding down for the year, winding down for 23 Things and I'm winding down in energy! Though I think that is predominantly the heat that is causing the energy lag.

Two weeks from today, this project run of 23 Things will end. I hope to see the majority of people have finished the training modules, because this is an awesome opportunity we are being given to learn a lot of useful tools. Particularly as unlike most formal training, you're not being told how you have to use the tools once you've learnt about them. You learn what they are, how they work and then apply them to your own work and life. None of us will use Web2.0 technologies in the same way or even use the same tools.

Already I've seen some wonderfully creative and innovative ways to use Web2.0 technology from my colleagues. I've seen that you are artists, musicians, gamers, cooks, storytellers, fashionistas, model makers, writers, poets, travellers and so much more. Working in public libraries we need to draw from a really broad knowledge base to help our customers, and this project has really highlighted that we HAVE a broad knowledge base right at our fingertips. With a bit of collaboration using these great connective tools that we now have, we can share that stuff easily, and save ourselves so much time and effort. Plus it's fun to find out what our colleagues are interested in, and share common interests. I haven't found any fellow Mythbusters fantatics amongst BCCLS yet though!

It's been a huge learning curve for me too. Maybe not as much in the tools themselves, because I've been tinkering around with them for awhile now, but in the way people can use them and how they apply to libraries. I think we're probably at a huge tipping point right now into a whole bunch of innovations and shifts for the way we do business. WHAT we do isn't going to change, but HOW we do it is morphing into new territory. It's pretty exciting times, particularly as it's influencing things like telecommunications infrastructure, education methods and entertainment.

I for one am looking forward to being part of it.

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