Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visiting the Troops

I know, I know, I haven't blogged properly for some time now. This last week has kind of run away on me a fair bit, I've not sat at my desk for very long. And with a full day of formal training tomorrow, and two library visits on Friday, I'd better get in and blog now before the rest of the week runs away from me.

I'm really enjoying these library visits I'm doing. For many years, getting out to the branches and talking to the troops was something that I just couldn't do. So I kind of felt out of touch, and that I never actually got to talk to people about the realities of library-land. So often I would only hear of issues when they became big, unbearable ones, that I missed out on knowing what those smaller, constant, highly annoying issues were. It's good to meet people I've spoken to on the phone but not met before, and to see some long lost buddies who I used to work with when I was out there in library land.

I also really hope that my visits infect all of the troops with my passion for libraries and what we do in the community. I hope to spread my fascination with new innovations, and also bring some more fun to what we do. Cos I figure if you can't be laughing about the absurdities of life, then it's a pretty sad existance.

Plus it is also really good to get some feedback. To know what bits we get right, and what bits we need to work on. Not to mention that you're all so welcoming, it's lovely to go out there and get a change from sitting at my desk talking to you by email or over the phone.

So thanks folks!

Ok, just so you don't think I'm getting too touchy-feely or serious with you all, here's a video of a dramatic cat...

Which of course pays homage to the dramatic chipmunk:

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