Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday afternoon while waiting for the bus, I heard a little tyke of about 4 years old pipe up "Mummy... you suck!" Darling child. Wonder where he learnt that from?

But it got me thinking of some of the hilarious things that I've heard children say. Some of you might not already know, but before I got into libraries, my career was in child care. I was a full time, live in, 24 x 7 nanny for 5 years, and then years later I worked in a child care centre for a couple of years. I've also done stints in kindergartens, after school care and home day care.

When I worked in the child care centre, dealing with LOTS of kids from all kinds of backgrounds, I would hear the funniest things. One that particularly stands out in my mind as a bit of a hilarious eye opener was the dainty young miss of 5 who, when I complimented her on her adorable glittery shoes, piped up "Yeah, my Mummy stole them from the shop for me." Okkaaayyyy....

It was made all the more funny by her older brother nudging her and going "Shhhh!"

And then there was the little lad at after school care. We were having a group conversation with the children about the perils of smoking, and the teacher asked the group, "Put your hand up if anyone smokes at your house." A gorgeous little boy of 4, as cute as a bug, pops his hand up and the teacher asked "Who smokes at your house house Daniel?" To which Daniel eagerly replies "Uncle Marty does, sometimes through a bong." Righhhtttt....

Have you had any really cracker stories of kids saying highly inappropriate, hilarious or bizarre things? Leave me a comment!

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