Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Petting the Sweaty Things

Why do we get ourselves so worked up, and so stressed, and so frustrated over things that shouldn't really bother us. I get a lot of emails or read blog posts that are simply "venting", and I don't take them personally, but I do wonder why we let things work us up so much. Because when you let yourself get worked up, you send out all those worked up stressy vibes out and the person you're venting at gets all worked up... and it just snowballs.

Is the world really going to end if we can't embed a video on our blog? Will your house fall down if the link to a page doesn't work? Is a policeman going to break down your door and haul you off to the big-house if you have to do a module of 23 Things again to "get it"? Are you going to lose your job if your blog comes out all funny with gobbledy-gook? I think not.

I do understand, sometimes it really gets on my quince when something doesn't do what it wants to do. I've got one blog site that "eats" my blogs the minute I hit "post"... which is particularly traumatic when it's a 2000 word blog I've just typed up! But really, is it WORTH getting so irate at it that you find yourself spewing out a big long email or blog post of complaint? I think not. Sure, have a bit of a foot stomp and a curse... and then let it go.

Remember, you can always ask someone for help. That's how Web2.0 and indeed 23 Things works. It's a form of "viral" education. I blog, you blog, we all blog. I post a video, or a link, or some other fun doohickey, and then if you like it, you post about it, learning from what I've done. The same way I have learnt from what someone else has done. I know it is a change to how you normally expect to learn something, but most importantly, it's a far less formal and structured way of learning. There is no real right or wrong with this programme and Web2.0 technology. It's all about having a go and tinkering with new things, and learning as you do so.

And besides, I see all of your odd bits that "don't work" before you get to fix them, and not one of you yet has done anything that's made me go "OH MY GOD!!! Look what so-and-so did! The idiot!!" Sure, I've got a few laughs, but none of them are laughs that I haven't had at my own self at some point.

So, a few pointers in how to deal with things that don't want to do what you want them to do, or don't make sense:
  1. Take a big, deep breath.
  2. Save whatever you're doing so you can go back to it later.
  3. Walk away... you don't have to finish anything NOW, THIS MINUTE.
  4. Ask someone. Calmly. If they don't know the answer, don't take it out on them, just ask someone else. Ask one of the "helper" folks, and yes, you can always ask me (just remember I will always get to everyone eventually, but I do get a bit swamped.)
  5. Take another big, deep breath.
  6. Have some chocolate, it always works for me.
  7. When you really want to have a rant, have the rant, but write it down and then save it.... don't hit send or post straight away. Pop it aside until tomorrow. It's more than likely you'll have got over it by then, and besides, the recipients don't really want that big blast of rant coming in their direction.
  8. Do something different. Ok, so the video doesn't work. Go find an article of interest or read someone else's blog. You can go back to what you were doing later, but still feel like you're doing something 23 Things related.
  9. And most of all, remember that this is supposed to be fun, relaxed, open ended training. The world won't end, I promise you. Nobody is going to write a big nasty report on you about how you were too stupid to embed a video, seriously. Instead, they're more likely to say "Oh, I couldn't do that either, doesn't that suck?"

And if you're really needing some help in the stress relief department, here's a nice video I found...


Katagal Kapers said...

I hear you Sister! I have been sweating the petty things and not petting the sweaty things like I should be!
I am vocal I give you that but I am equally vocal happy or stroppy and i am mostly happy and vocal not stroppy and vocal!

Kath aka Sleepydumpling said...

I think you just made my brain explode!